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CONTINENTAL Inside Jokes, You have to tour to know!

Once you have toured with Continentals, daily you will be reminded of your touring days. You will start laughing at things that most people can not understand. This page is dedicated to those things.

You Know You're a CONTINENTAL WHEN....

You can't remember when you slept in the same bed two nights in a row...

You can't remember how to apply day make-up, as opposed to concert make-up

You find Wal-Mart is the best (and CHEAPEST) store on Earth

You can sleep ANYWHERE, ANY TIME!

You have trouble staying awake in a moving vechile

You cannot make a simple decision, (aka. at a drive thru when you go to place an order and you almost tell them "anything sounds fine" or "whatever you have."

You constantly have to remind yourself that boyfriends and girlfriends are NOT TC's!

You find it unusual to give a person of the opposite sex anything except a "CONTINENTAL side hug!"

You become extremely fond of naps.

You find yourself either more modest or provacative than when you first arrived on tour.

As soon as you get back from tour, you already are or are thinking about signing up for yet another tour.

You have heard the infamous "brick" joke.

You find yourself repeating a tour saying and everyone stares and you like you have LOST YOUR MIND!

Tour Words, sayings etc...

Fall 2002 Tour W
picking, ticking, spider bites, Alaska and the mirror, fish, rampage, easy, an apple, what are the odds, well, girl, I am one of the, hello, I am the assistant director for this tour :), cool, how ya doin', praying, praying, praying..., G.G., Happy things, yellow flowers, fuzzy socks, Tobago, "Oh Shower, You are My Toilet", The Dungeon, Misquitos with teeth, Carribean Cool deodorant, The Lists, The Ledge!!!!!

1st Half Summer 2000 Tour 2
"I Will Sing Of Your Love Forever", twinkie, 27 (Rachel), and more to come

The Truth Medley Turned Tobago Medley!

Now we'll sing a medley of songs written by the "SHrimp Fillins" who wrote because of a tragic awakening. THese songs speak of the natural light we had at Tobabgo. So put away the cares of the day and join us as we sing "Praise the Lord together singing Hallelujah"

Praise the Lord for the snack drawer
Come on everybody eat some food now, peanut butter
Praise the Lord for the snack drawer
Come on everybody get a Busta wash it down
The ox, the goat, the hair
That still stands on the tail
You know you want a bite
But not to much because the curry's afright
You could be limon there
Dreaming of pizza and KFC fries
Just in your underwear
I really want a whopper
Praise the Lord for the snack drawer
and everybody praise the Lord for the drawer

"The Ledge is an Awesome Place"
We sleep in a might, awesome forest!

When the bats are flying in the void of the night
We've got G.G. in our rooms
Mosquitoes just bite
When you least expect them to
The roaches come a crawling
And you hit them with a pillow
They just look your way
The only place to go for relief is upstairs
The Ledge is an awesome place
The Ledge is an awesome place
Where you can make an escape
From the world beneath your feet
The Ledge is an awesome place

"Oh Shower, You are my Toilet"
The mildew inhabits the smell of the dungeon as we come before it with febreeze. Listen as nature leads this next song.
Oh Shower, you are my toliet
And I will ever thank you
Oh Shower, you are my toliet
And I will ever thank you
I will see you every morning
Too wash the sweat and sand away
And easy my sunburn pain
Cuz I can't scrub another day
I will put my poncho on
To keep the rain away
But still we need you shower
Because the toilet only flushes

Tobagonians tell us that you will know the truth when you hit the wave and it will set you free. So join us for in Scarboroughville, there are many many waves